Style Choice

I need to think about what style I want my photography to be. Do I want clear, crisp, bright images to be my "thing" or do I want a little more of a an edge, or vintage feel to my pictures? I don't know. I like both but I want to stay consistent in my style. So, here's a couple pictures that I took today and edited with some variety of styles, let me know what you think. I'll number the pictures for easier reference.

#1- This one is more of the fresh style I like.


#3- This is the same picture as the last one but with a vintage feel to it.


#5- Again, a more vintage feel to this one


#7- Here's the same picture, different style


Baby Shoes

I like shoes. But I love baby shoes! My daughter already has quite the stash of shoes to keep her feet fashionable as she wobbles about.

My parents recently came home from a holiday in South America and brought back some fabulous Havaianas flip flops for us. Best of all, they found a mini pair for Cheyenne. Probably the cutest sandals I've ever seen!

Now I'm just hoping our weather clears up for Monday so I can go ahead with my photo shoot. I'm really looking forward to it!



I had a great time taking pictures of Wendy and her kids on Friday afternoon. I think they had a good time too, but Tyler mentioned to his mom that standing on the posts was a little too dangerous (he slipped off one a little near the end). I'll keep that in mind for next time!

These are some of my favourite shots from that day. Thanks again for letting me practice on your family!

I'm learning more and more each time I take pictures. I'm quite critical of my own work, I can pick out everything I should different next time or keep in mind for next time. That's a good thing. Eventually I won't have to think so much during the shoot and it'll just all fall into place. Hopefully!

My next shoot is a mild Trash the Dress session on March 1st.


Sneak Peak

I had my first photo shoot today! My aunt, Wendy, and her two kids, Kiara and Tyler, were kind enough to volunteer themselves to be my models today. We met at Derby Reach Park in Langley and spent about an hour taking pictures there. I think Tyler had had enough smiling about half way through but he was a trooper, and Kiara was more than willing to strike a pose for me! I may have to use her for another shoot again!

Here's a sneak peak at what's to come! Thanks again, Wendy, for letting me take your pictures!

Hopefully I'll get the rest edited this weekend sometime! Thanks for looking.


Sunny Days

Seriously. What is up with this gorgeous weather? I'm not complaining or anything, it's just so odd for February. My car said it was 13 degrees Celsius today and I've had a few walks this week were I didn't even need a sweater or anything. I guess Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Spring Olympics!

Anyway, I took advantage of the sunny weather and took a couple pictures of my mom and Cheyenne together. Here's a few samples:
This was her first time crawling around on grass. We don't have a backyard at our place so this was a treat!

She spots the dried leaf lying on the grass.

She finds the leaf and inspects it with her Omi. (By inspect I mean she put it in her mouth!)

It was almost nap time so she was a little grouchy looking. But still so cute!

Checking out Omi's rings.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow so stay tuned for the results! Hope you're enjoying this sun as much as I am.


|VICTORIA| portrait Slideshow

I tried something new. I put together a slideshow of the portrait session I did with my sister. Not sure I like this particular website for doing it, though. It cropped some of the pictures and the picture quality isn't the same. But still, it's a way to show off all the pictures without putting them all on the blog separately. These are the pictures from the outside/casual session. Oh, and I had no choice with the music. All the free options were lame!

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Down By The Dyke

Taking pictures is addicting. I feel like I need to get out everyday and take pictures of something!

On Saturday I went for a walk by my parents place to the dyke by the Fraser River. I snapped a few shots while I was there. I think I like shooting people more than just scenery stuff, but it's still good practice! Here's a few shots I got:

You can kind of see the name with the heart around it with an arrow through it on the first post.

I like benches. There's something peaceful about them or gives you a sense of solitude.

I've got a few photo shoots lined up in the near future so stay tuned for the results!


Olympic Mayhem

This afternoon we had a family outing (in the rain) into Downtown Vancouver to witness for ourselves the crazy mayhem that the Olympics have brought to this city. We jumped on the SkyTrain at 22nd Street Station and got off at Waterfront. We meant to see the torch at the end there but our hollow stomachs led us straight to the nearest JJ Bean for some food and coffee. James has a friend that works there and is always raving about their coffee (they roast the beans themselves) so I had to taste for myself. And, yes, they do make the best vanilla latte I've ever had.

After our coffee break we walked up Cambie to Robson. There were a million people everywhere, and would you believe, we actually ran into someone we know! Anyway, it was neat to see all the hoop-la in person and here's a few shots I got while down there.

We were following this mom and daughter for a bit and I thought they were so cute with their matching red, Olympic sweaters, black umbrellas and holding hands.

Old man serenading the tourists with his fiddle.

I liked how the random couple in the middle were posing for me!

I'm a people person. I enjoy having lots of people to watch. It's interesting to see people's expressions even in just one photo. You have man with earphones, minding his own business. And you have guy smiling at the camera. Plus a bunch of other people trying to stay dry and warm.