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Beth and Dan's wedding. Where do I start? How can I adequately sum up this wedding and my overflowing gratefulness for being asked to photograph their wedding in Australia? It very well might not be possible. But I will try my best.

When the idea of me flying to Australia to photograph Beth and Dan's wedding came up, I thought it was just a pipe dream. Why in the world would someone fly me- a photographer who, at that point, had only photographed two weddings- all the way to Australia to photograph their own wedding? It was crazy! And then I got the phone call saying it was a go. Book your flights. You're coming to Australia! Needless to say, I put a lot of pressure on myself for this wedding, but it was good. I loved the added challenge of being the only photographer and having the most gorgeous bride and groom and bridal party to work with! It was as if I was photographing a family member's wedding. Thank you for that!

When I first saw Dan when I arrived, he had the bushiest beard I've ever seen! I asked Beth if he was planning on leaving it that way for the wedding and she thankfully said that he would be shaving it off the night before. His thought was, if he couldn't see her dress until the wedding day then she couldn't see his face until then, either. So he grew out his beard for 6 months! I wish I had a picture of that, too!

This wedding was the ultimate definition of a D-I-Y (do it yourself) wedding. The bonbonnieres (what we call favours!) were branches from her families yard cut into smaller pieces and stamped with a cute stamp and then lacquered with veneer for a smooth finish. The invitations and programs were all hand made, as well. Beth made the cake toppers herself using wire and pliers to bend them into the shape of a tandem bicycle, a bride and a groom. She made her earrings the morning of the wedding from a necklace she found the day before. Her friend arranged the flowers. Her I think that's more than enough to qualify for the D-I-Y Wedding Award!

Beth and Dan even designed their own weddings rings. And, Oh. My. Goodness. They are stunning!!!! You have NEVER seen a ring set like Beth's. Honestly. It's jaw-dropping-ly amazing. It's in the shape of a calla lily. And the wedding band is a leaf. For reals. It's stunning. Calla lilies are my favourite flower so I especially fell in love with her ring!

The reception venue used to be a farm and is now turned into a peacock farm. Hence it's name, The Peacock Farm. The barn still has wool in the shearing room. It was very unique. This was an amazing reception. They served pizza all night long! And not just any joe-blow pizza, we're talking gourmet, straight from Italy-esque, delicious pizza. So good. And the dancing? Don't even get me started! It was unreal. First of all, Beth and Dan choreographed their own first dance bit, which was so cute. And then they had their playlist going for a little while until the jembe drums came out and Dan, his brother-in-law, and Beth's mom (and one or two others) started jamming away on these jembe drums and the dance floor was just packed! The only music was the beat of drums. Oh, and cow bells, and maracas, and other interesting hand held instruments strewn about the crowd! It was epic.

Overall the style of this wedding was everything that I love in a wedding! Her dress was to die for. The designer, Anna Campbell, has the most amazing wedding gowns I've ever seen! The colour and style of the suits were perfect. Dan's hat, too cute. The girls' dresses, brilliant! Everything about it was gorgeous.

So, again, to Beth and Dan, I just want to thank you for inviting me to share this day with you. You both looked so gorgeous and happy and in love and it was such a joy and honour to capture these moments of that day for you to look back on forever. I hope you enjoy them!

Enjoy Beth and Dan's wedding pictures and if you still want to see more, check out their Slideshow HERE.

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  1. what a dream wedding! Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom, awesome DIY.. Nice work Vanessa!

  2. Ahhh, so lovely. All of it :) Those DIY-ers have such class!

  3. beautiful wedding, beautifully shot - great job Vanessa! :D

  4. Absolutely stunning!!

  5. Oh. My. Mercy. AH-mazing!! Your photography, the couple, the bridal party - so many little details in everything! I could go on and on about these but I won't! Amazing!!

  6. Wow. Those are fantastic! Great job, Vanessa!

  7. Anonymous27.4.11

    Gorgeous, simply stunning - this is my favourite shoot you've done yet. Derek and I cannot wait until September and to see how you'll capture our day.

  8. Thanks Kelly!! I'm looking forward to your wedding too!!! :)

  9. i LOVE this wedding so, so, so much!

  10. W.o.w. Gorgeous photos! Her ring is stunning - love the originality!!

  11. love love love love love love love love love love these! LOVE! makes me want to get married all over again just so i can have photos just like these! so many gorgeous details and perspectives!


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