Style Choice

I need to think about what style I want my photography to be. Do I want clear, crisp, bright images to be my "thing" or do I want a little more of a an edge, or vintage feel to my pictures? I don't know. I like both but I want to stay consistent in my style. So, here's a couple pictures that I took today and edited with some variety of styles, let me know what you think. I'll number the pictures for easier reference.

#1- This one is more of the fresh style I like.


#3- This is the same picture as the last one but with a vintage feel to it.


#5- Again, a more vintage feel to this one


#7- Here's the same picture, different style


  1. Can't really help you with your style decision because I love how so many of them look, but I CAN compliment your adorable model! She's so cute, I wish we could come over and play!

  2. Me too! She would love to play with Dezmond! She's quite a fan of little people.

  3. I like the first two the best.

  4. I like them all...which isn't very helpful! I think my favourite is the first one, the fresh style. Cheyenne is soooo cute!

  5. 1, 4 and 7 are my faves. your style will come...i think it's good to try a bunch and over time your 'way' to do things will develop without you even knowing it.
    congrats on the new biz.

  6. 1,2,7 are my favorites, but of course, they are all gorgeous. What a doll!

  7. thanks for your inputs!


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