Beautiful Spring Wedding Sneak Peek

I had the privilege of photographing Brendan and Emily's wedding yesterday. It was so beautiful! The bride was as gorgeous as they get and her groom was handsome as can be. They are such an adorable couple together! They were giving me cute, intimate, natural poses all day long, without me even asking them to!

It took all morning and part of the afternoon for the weather to finally figure out what it wanted to do for the day. It started with rain, on and off. Then turned to sun, then hail, then sun, then rain, then more hail, but eventually it stayed with sunny. Perfect timing, too. Just as the ceremony ended the sun came shining without a cloud in they sky!

I'll write more about the wedding day when I finish the rest of the photos.

Brendan and Emily, thank you again for asking me to capture these special moments on camera for you. I had such a great time with you guys and your bridal party. I hope you have the best time in the Dominican! Enjoy these few Sneak Peeks of your wedding day! =)

Emily has the most gorgeous blue eyes!

I love a bride and groom that will lie down on the ground for me!

A big thank you to Justine for helping me out yesterday! It was fun working with you!


  1. Anonymous17.4.11

    Man, they are going to make some beautiful babies ;) They are so gorgeous, and your photos truly reflect that! Can't wait to see more!

  2. I totally noticed the bride's eyes in the second photo before even reading your comment - so true.

    also, love love LOVE the lighting in the last one! :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Oh my. She looks like Malin Akerman :):)

    I seriously love that last photo. Gorgeousness.


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