Grocery Store Grievances

I hate grocery shopping. It's probably my least favourite "chore" to do, well, maybe it's even with cleaning the bathroom!

This is my rant post.

Let's start by saying, I always pick the worst check-out aisle at the grocery store. I don't know why, but it's a given that the lane I choose will be the lane that takes a million times longer to go through than any other lane.  You know what I'm talking about. The lane where the lady in front of you needs a price check on one of her items; or they just notice that the bag of sugar has a hole in it and they need to page someone to grab a new one for her; or the item won't scan; etc. It's all bad.

Well, yesterday I had another one of these experiences. I chose the check-out lane that looked like it should be the quickest. I loaded all of my stuff onto the conveyer belt thing and waited. The old lady in front of me started making small talk with the cashier as the started ringing through her items. The total came to $75. Right away the old lady said she was pretty sure there wouldn't be enough money in her bank account for that (she was paying by debit) but the cashier swiped her card to see what would happen. Sure enough, not enough money. So the old lady starts unpacking her grocery bag and they start taking some items off the bill. You'd think she'd start with the more expensive items, like the meal replacement shakes that cost $10. But no. Let's start with the bag of Fig Newtons, and maybe the box of no name Bran Flakes cereal. $65. Swipe again. Still no good. The old lady again said, "I'm pretty sure that's still too much. I don't get my pension money until midnight tonight." So, they unload some more items. Now she's down to about a quarter of the groceries that she bought. This time her card was accepted. $49. Seriously? $25 over? You'd think she would have shopped better knowing she only had $50 in her bank account! haha. Oh well. I wasn't in a huge rush and I've learned to not get totally frustrated in these kinds of situations!

There's other things that annoy me about the grocery store but I'll just stop now! haha.

Onto better things in life... babies! I went out to Abbotsford to take some pictures of my cousin and his wife's 5 week old baby girl. What a cutie she is! Here's a quick sneak peak from yesterdays Newborn session with her, more to come when I get some time to edit!


|JO| fashion

This photo shoots is definitely one of my favourites to date! I think it was the combination of the model being one of my sister-in-laws, the great lighting we found, the numerous prime photo locations on the farm, and all the outfits!

Like I said in a previous post, my sister-in-law makes almost all of her clothes and she wanted to have a photo shoot to show case some of her favourites. We spent, literally, all afternoon taking pictures. Every once in a while we'd go inside to feed her baby and take pictures of him (you can find his pictures in this post.)

I'll just post a few of my favourites here but you can find the rest on my new facebook page. Not sure if that link will work or not. If not, just search for "Vanessa Voth Photography" in facebook and you'll find me! I'll be posting all my pictures on there as well as on my blog.

Anyway, here's some of my faves from our Fashion shoot!

This afternoon I'm doing a Newborn session for my cousin and his wife and their baby girl! So excited to meet her!


|ERIN| relive the dress

My sister-in-law volunteered herself to be one of my models so she put on her wedding dress and we took a bunch of pictures around the farm. Here's some of my favourites so far!

|DEZMOND| baby

Alright, here's some SUPER adorable pictures of my little nephew, Dez.


Snipets From the Week

I finally have access to some high speed internet! Don't get me wrong, one thing I really like about living out on a farm is that you're not always connected to everybody, all the time. We spend more time sitting around the table, drinking coffee, engaging in conversations, and running around outside or taking the quad through some trails. I also like not checking my email every few minutes, or snooping around on Facebook just because, or being reachable by some source one way or another. I like being unreachable.

Here's a taste of where I'm at right now. This was my in-laws' front yard:

And here's a view in black and white because it looks cool!

And seeding started early this year so James took my out to the field on the quad to check out all the action.

I've been taking pictures like crazy the last few days. That means I have lots to share. I'll show a couple from a few separate shoots.

These pictures are more just of my daughter and husband hanging out on the farm:

Took Cheyenne on the quad for the first time. I actually got a picture of her smiling, but she was only looking happy because she could see me!

As soon as I was out of sight she turned to this

Ok, now for some photo shoot action. I did 2 yesterday and one today. Yesterday my sister-in-law came over with her 2 month old baby boy and we did a bit of a baby session and we also did a photo shoot for my sister-in-law and all her sewing creations! This girl is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen her wear something that she didn't make herself. She's even made her own high heels. Now that's impressive! Here's a few from the Fashion Shoot we did for her newest creations:

Oh my word, the lighting was gorgeous as the sun was setting!

That's all I got for now. More to come! I did a Re-Live the Dress Shoot with my other sister-in-law today so I need to get a couple of those up yet. Maybe I'll be able to do that yet now.

Hope you're having a great week!