Peaches and Dream

My in-laws are in town at the moment. They arrived yesterday afternoon and will be here for about a week. Cheyenne is already a huge fan of them. If they're over when she needs to go to bed, well, it ain't gonna happen! She just repeats "Oma? Oma? Grandpa? Grandpa?" over and over again. My mother-in-law is known as 'Grandma' to all the other grandkids, and that's all we've ever called her around Cheyenne, yet Cheyenne has decided that she would rather call her Oma. =) Mom's ok with that, so it works!

Today was another beautiful fall day with clear skies and a gorgeous sun. We decided to find a local petting zoo type of place so Cheyenne could enjoy some animals. She's a huge fan of animals. She has quite the repertoire of animal sounds up her sleeve already.

We ended up at Capella's farm in Cloverdale. They don't have much of a petting zoo but there were a few goats. Two of those goats were tame enough that we could join them in their pen and pet them. Cheyenne loved it. She called the goats puppies but who cares! It was so cute!

So, meet Peaches and Dream, our furry entertainment for the morning!


  1. i just melted... her hat! her eyes! her wonder!

  2. I know! She's so precious!!


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