Last Sneak Peek of the Year!

I had a very special photo shoot today. Katy emailed me a few weeks ago asking if I would take some family pictures for her and her family today while they were all together for Christmas. I was so excited! You see, Katy and I were bestest of friends in elementary school. Her twin brother, Nick, was also in our class, and her dad was the principal. I spent a lot of time with this family! Many sleepovers were had at their place. Many, many memories! I'm laughing out loud right now just thinking back on our times together!

I've met up with Katy once since I left that elementary school, but I hadn't seen the rest of her family in 12 years! So thank you for asking me to do this for you guys! I had such a great time with all of you and meeting the new additions to your family! These are just a few from today, starting with Nick and Katy!


Hiatus Is Over

That's right. I'm done hibernating for the winter. Time to get back to blogging! We had a great week away visiting my husband's family. We celebrated Christmas with my family yesterday which was fabulous. I'll share those pictures a little later on in the week since I don't have them ready yet!

Christmas was great this year! I got some fabulous surprises and loved watching Girlie fully embrace the whole opening presents thing! She was spoiled, yet again.

Today I helped a friend shoot a wedding and tomorrow is my last photo shoot of 2010! The end of my first year in business is almost here! That's insane.

Anyway, I had my husband take some pictures of me while we were away because I don't have any pictures of myself. The hat is my mother in laws. I think it's cute!

Enjoy the rest of your week, preparing your New Year's resolutions. I never make resolutions. I think the whole idea of that is silly. If you want to do something, just do it. Why does January 1st make your goal any more succeedable than July 23rd?

So here's me, in the snow, in the cold, on the farm.


Around the Farm

 It's the calm before the storm. The stillness before the mayhem. Tomorrow begins our Christmas festivities! We spent all day at home, relaxing. I spent many hours on my lap top editing wedding pictures and getting the pictures ready for today's blog post. Girlie spent most of the day sleeping, fighting a cold. It's been a nice relaxing day! Tomorrow we'll be joined by more family until the end of the week.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post yesterday because I spent all day waiting for it to upload! The same thing is happening with this post. I've been making more of an effort to use my camera this week. I've been wanting to take more pictures of my every day. Not just photo shoots. I want to keep my camera close-by so I can capture moments of my life, raw moments. (No pun intended!)

I took these pictures yesterday while I wandered around my inlaw's yard. I loved the workshop. So well used with so much character.

3 more days to take part in Cans for Comments! It ends in the evening of December 25.

I'm not sure what the next few days will be like here so I might not be able to post again till I get home. So let me end by saying...



Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday.

Saturday: They arrived at the airport and their girl was a hit from the get-go! Putting smiles on all the passers by's faces. Strangers commenting on her friendliness and cuteness. They smiled with pride as they watched their little Girlie win the hearts of so many people. 

After the girl chose her VIP sticker they grabbed their hot beverages - a decaf Gingerbread latte for her, an Americano for him, and a kids steamed milk for the girl. They sat and watched their little one explore this new environment; watched her attempt to go through the maze, but after much frustration and then a little fear on her part her mommy and daddy helped her find her way back to freedom.

They boarded the plane and for two and a half hours tried to keep the girl occupied and contained. It was a battle, to say the least. Her bedtime had come and gone and she was now fighting every fibre in her being that wanted her to be sleeping.

They arrived in a land covered in snow just as a new day began. They arrived into the arms of loved ones, the girl's Grandpa and Oma. At the house they greeted more family and chatted away into the late hours of the night before they closed their eyes and got some sleep.

 Sunday: He let her sleep in until noon while he got up to care for the girl who slept very little the night before. The house was full of energy from all the little ones, four boys and the girl. Lego was strewn about, video games were being played, the adults sat around the table enjoying the warmth of their coffee as they engaged in conversations.

After lunch the children wanted to play in the snow. They bundled up the girl so thick with warmth that she could hardly move. The cool wind in her face made her wince. Her first ride on a sled made her smile and say "weee". Once the coolness was too much to bear they came inside and welcomed the warmth of the home.


 Monday: The girl loves to help. Loves to sit on the counter. Loves to see the world from a higher perspective. Loves to experience new textures with her hands. Her Grandpa showed her how to make the measuring cups make music, so she imitated his movements and she too was making the cups sing.

They were so thankful for such a loving family. A family who understood the changes necessary to keep their girl safe. A family who took traditional family recipes and tweaked the ingredients to omit eggs and nuts. So. Much. Love.

Good friends joined them for lunch with their little one. The two girls studied each other, hugged each other. The afternoon brought new style and colours in her hair. Conversations with her sister-in-law while her hair processed. Watching her nephew crawl and remarking on how much he'd grown since she last saw him.

 Tuesday: A trip to the city to visit his Oma. A drive home with a poor, sick, tired little Girlie and hopes for a good, long nap. Coffee brewing, the sweet aroma of ground coffee in the air as she writes about the last few days. Between writing she bundled up in layers and walked outside in the yard with her camera around her neck. Taking pictures of the white beauty around her and the details of a fifty year old workshop. Enjoying the sight of him working on the truck with his father; the trinkets that hung on the walls; the silence of the air around her.