Olympic Mayhem

This afternoon we had a family outing (in the rain) into Downtown Vancouver to witness for ourselves the crazy mayhem that the Olympics have brought to this city. We jumped on the SkyTrain at 22nd Street Station and got off at Waterfront. We meant to see the torch at the end there but our hollow stomachs led us straight to the nearest JJ Bean for some food and coffee. James has a friend that works there and is always raving about their coffee (they roast the beans themselves) so I had to taste for myself. And, yes, they do make the best vanilla latte I've ever had.

After our coffee break we walked up Cambie to Robson. There were a million people everywhere, and would you believe, we actually ran into someone we know! Anyway, it was neat to see all the hoop-la in person and here's a few shots I got while down there.

We were following this mom and daughter for a bit and I thought they were so cute with their matching red, Olympic sweaters, black umbrellas and holding hands.

Old man serenading the tourists with his fiddle.

I liked how the random couple in the middle were posing for me!

I'm a people person. I enjoy having lots of people to watch. It's interesting to see people's expressions even in just one photo. You have man with earphones, minding his own business. And you have guy smiling at the camera. Plus a bunch of other people trying to stay dry and warm.

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