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Larissa has been a faithful follower of my blog and work for so long now, I feel like I've known her for ages! She frequently comments on my blogs (which is a great thing! Thanks for the love Larissa!!!) She once said that when she first came across my work it was "love at first sight". Seriously?! Melt my heart!!!

Tim and Larissa had a short courtship, but knew within the 6 weeks that they had dated that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. When you know, you know. Larissa wanted the theme of the wedding to be vintage traditional with lots of wild flowers. She told me she wanted to feel like she was walking through a garden when she walked down the aisle. And that's definitely what it looked like!

You learn a lot about a couple at their wedding. For instance, I learned right away that Tim is somewhat of a Lego fanatic. The guys were putting together little Lego sets when we showed up! And more than once this fact was brought up during the reception, among other interesting facts! Larissa, we were told again and again that night, is a very joyful person, very loving and very level headed. Which, Tim told me in a questionaire they filled out when they first hired me, was his favourite quality about her. Or as he put it, he likes that she "has an even head. Not in the symmetrical kind of way; in the sensible kind of way. And it is also pretty." Cute. :)

Tim also is somewhat famous for his 50 word stories which, as you can guess, are short stories made up of 50 words. Not 49. Not 51. 50 exactly. I loved how they incorporated this into the reception. As a way of getting the couple to display their affection with a kiss the guest would have to write and recite their own 50 word story. I was quite impressed with the number of stories that were shared and the quality of them! Very clever guests!

I especially loved Larissa's dad's speech. If a father cries, I will cry. Guaranteed. Especially when the father is talking about his baby girl. Wow. So much love, and so much faith and love for God. It was so evident in the story of how Tim and Larissa got to where they are today. Having only dated for such a short time, and maybe only having met each other's parents once, there's a lot of trust that goes into a father giving his blessing to an almost stranger to take his daughter as his wife. One thing that her dad said that really hit me was to pray for your children's spouses, even from an early age. And so I have.

This wedding was loaded with amazing details and just great style, so there's lots of photos for you to look at! Thanks to James for second shooting for me, too!

To Tim and Larissa, thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding day photos and for all the support you have been to me over the last months. You've been an encouragement to me as I continue on in my business and photography. I so appreciate it! I'm glad you guys had a good time on your road trip and I pray that God will richly bless you as husband and wife and as you start this new chapter of your lives together! I hope you enjoy your photos!

Here we go, Tim and Larissa's wedding! If you'd like to see even more images from their wedding day, check out their Slideshow.

I loved Larissa's parents back yard! And her lace Allure wedding gown and veil were just stunning!

Gorgeous spring bouquet by Champfleurie Floral Designs.

Love her wedding shoes! Hush Puppies!!

Her something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue.


The aisle.

This was such a precious moment to me. While the witnesses were signing the register, Tim and Larissa held hands on her shoulder and I melted.


One of my faves.

Another two of my faves below.

Not even a little rain could damper their love!

Also love...

Lookin good guys!

Another two faves... I had a lot of favourites from this day!

Annnnd... another fave, the one above and below!


Wowsa! :)

The reception (and ceremony) were held at North Langley Community Church.

Larissa and her Oma made the cake together.

The end! Thanks for taking a look!


  1. nice stuff Vanessa. love the portraits!

  2. Great work! I especially love the look of those portraits on the boat launch (I think?). You captured some really sweet moments.

  3. What a great story and amazing photos Vanessa! So many gorgeous details captured at this wedding!


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