First Picnic

I'm loving this consitent sunshine we've been having on the West Coast. Today my daughter and I went out for a picnic, her first picnic ever in her life! It wasn't a long picnic, the grass was wet so I couldn't let her roam around. But it was still fun and she was so cute sitting on the blanket eating her puffs.

I love how she's crossing her legs in this picture!

Her famous "duck" face.


Cherry Blossoms. Love.

One of the best things about Spring is the Cherry Blossoms. I think God created them to make people smile. At least that's what I do every time I see one. For some reason, every time I pass one, all other thoughts in my mind seem to cease and all I can do is marvel at the beauty that is the Cherry Blossom.

There's this one Cherry Blossom tree in our complex that has been calling my name for weeks already, wanting to be photographed. Today was the fateful day that I would venture down the drive way and capture this tree's beauty with my lens.


Tynehead Park

My daughter loves being outside. Whenever she starts getting cranky I just bring her outside, in my carrier, and she squeals with excitement. My husband and I decided to take advantage of another gorgeous day on the West Coast and go for a walk with our daughter. Yes, she was being cranky, so we did have alterior motives!

It worked! Cheyenne cheered up instantly and gave every passer by a nice smile, and every dog got a squeal out of her along with some serious flailing of her arms and legs. We even met a friendly squirrel. He seriously came right up to me, maybe a foot away. For those of you that are familiar with camera lenses, I was using a fixed 50mm lens today so you can see how close he got to me.

Here's some memories from our walk:


Spread the Word

How am I liking photography so far? I LOVE it! I get so excited for every session that I can hardly sleep. And after the session I'm glued to my computer whenever I have a moment (which seem to be few and far between with a pretty much walking 9 month old!) editing away.

I've always wanted to do wedding photography. I haven't had any volunteers for that yet, though! Ideally, I would love to start out by second shooting some weddings with another photographer. This is where you guys come in... you can help me spread the word!

If you are a photographer, or know any photographers in the Greater Vancouver area that wouldn't mind having a second shooter along with them for a wedding, free of charge, please pass on my information! You can contact me at vanessavoth@gmail.com.

Hope you're all enjoying this fabulous weather!


|ALEAH| newborn

I met Aleah's parents, Scott and Jamie, when we started attending their church last February, and was thrilled to be able to take some newborn pictures for them. Aleah is just over 2 weeks old in these pictures and was a pretty good model until the clothes came off- she's quite modest already!

I'll probably be going through my list of volunteer models now to book some more sessions. It'd be nice to do at least a couple a month. Thanks for taking time to check out my blog!


Sneak Peak

Here's a taste of today's newborn session.


|VICKY & STEFAN| couples

On Sunday afternoon I had my first Couples session with my sister and her husband. They were gracious enough to be my guinea pigs! I'm quite happy with the results. I'm still working on some new techniques and trying different stuff out, hence the practice photo shoots!

Tomorrow is the Newborn shoot which I'm also very excited about!