Sunrise Golf Course Wedding / DENISE & NICO

I will never forget Denise and Nico's wedding. Their wedding will forever be my first wedding. What an amazing opportunity! Thank you so much, Denise and Nico, for trusting me with your weddings day and letting me capture those special moments for you to remember forever.

The day could not have been any more perfect. Gorgeous sunshine on a crisp October afternoon. Denise was radiating beauty from head to toe. Her smile was infectious.

Nico and Denise opted to have a First Look which I was thrilled about! I know this was my first wedding as a photographer, but it really is so much more relaxing and leaves lots of time for pictures when you do it before the ceremony! Ask Denise and Nico, I just gave them their pictures and there are MORE than enough! =) That's one the of the main benefits to the First Look, you have more time for pictures which means you get more pictures! It's a win-win situation, really.

I loved Denise and Nico's First Look. As Denise started walking down the long dock toward her groom I warned Nico that I would cry and not to be alarmed! I'm a bit of a sap that way! It was really special, though. I felt like I was intruding on such an intimate, personal moment between these two people, so in love, so ready to spend the rest of their lives together. I think that is the one moment that I will never forget from their wedding day. Wow. What an honour to see that! But yes, being the uber-emotional female that I am, these moments will require waterproof mascara, for me, not the bride! =)

Overall, it was a great day, a great couple and a great first wedding experience! A huge thank you to Frances for accompanying me for the day and being a great moral support and excellent second shooter!

I had a hard time condensing the pictures down to a few favourites so I'm showing 55. Hope that's not too much of an overload! Enjoy! I'd love to hear your feedback!

A call from Nico in the morning... =)

Ready to make the trek out to meet her groom and see each other for the first time...

Love it!! I remember Nico's expression when he first saw Denise, he fell head over heels in love with her again! =)

Denise, you have some seriously gorgeous eyes!

Saying hi to the grandparents.

Hello, models!! Love it!

Ahhhh, love love!

Denise's flowers were gorgeous! Her aunt put them together for her and they turned out fabulous!

Stunning bride!!

Pretty sure this is my most favourite picture of the lot!

Denise's mom putting on her corsage before the ceremony.

Looking at Nico, I love the smile!

Nico's expression when Denise first walked through the doors...

Mr. and Mrs!!

Reception details in the Sunrise Golf Course Banquet Room

There were some great speeches and lots of laughter!

Thanks for looking! Hope you like them! I just looked through all the pictures with Denise and Nico in my office and they were happy which makes me happy! My first wedding is a success! =)

Time for wedding #2 this weekend!


  1. They are gorgeous! Just what I expected, and worth the wait. :)
    Have fun tomorrow!

    The "first look" is amazing!
    These are so well done!
    Yay for you!

  3. Thank you!!! I'm glad you like them!!

  4. Justine18.11.10

    Vanessa they are stunning!!! Can't wait to see the pictures from your wedding tomorrow!

  5. very good. The couple have memories that will last forever!!!

  6. love. love.

    have fun with wedding #2 this weekend!!!

  7. These are beautiful! Not that I expected any less! You should be very proud of these, they are amazing and really showcase your uniqueness as a photographer!

  8. Anonymous19.11.10

    your really good, go for it..............

  9. Jamie Heslip19.11.10

    great job Vanessa! What a variety of shots and poses I am sure they are so happy with them!

  10. These are so beautiful.

  11. Excellent work, Vanessa! LOVE the shoes in the tree. :)


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