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From today's maternity session in Fort Langley!


|CRYSTAL & JACOB| wedding

I was thrilled to be able to be part of Crystal and Jacob's wedding day. I wasn't the main photographer but I had a great time capturing the day through my lens and being able to add some wedding pictures to my repertoire.

I started my day at the bride's house at 8:30am where I set to work styling her hair. I loved the final outcome and think it represented her personality well. (The hairstylist that did the MOB and bridesmaids hair is Scarlett Ballantyne. If you're looking for someone to do hair and/or makeup at your house for your wedding you should give her a call!) Then I got to work taking pictures. I had some time by myself before the main photographer came so I shot away getting some detail shots of the dress and rings, etc. In the background there was beautiful music being played on the piano and the house was filled with anticipation for the day ahead.

The ceremony was held at the bride's grandpa's house/yard. It was an outdoor ceremony and they had a reception right after with samosa's, cakes, fruit and more. There were so many little details all over the property that made it such a unique and personal wedding. Chandeliers in the trees, oboes on a chair, wooden picture frames, hundreds of different styles of old fine china plates for the guests to use, etc. It was great!

After that we took off for Crescent Beach to take a few bridal party shots there and then we met the rest of the guests at the Hycroft House for the houres d'ouvres reception. I found out later that the bride and her sisters and mom used to go to the Hycroft House every year and they'd get all dressed up so it was a big deal for the bride to have her reception here. And what a gorgeous place that House is. Unbelievable. Everything about it, the architecture, the location, the grounds, were just stunning.

Anyway, I have lots of photos to share, especially since this is my first wedding and all! Hope you enjoy!