Olivia and Matt are friends with Dan and Stephanie, who's pictures I took back in May (you can see their shoot HERE). They asked me to take pictures of them with their son, Dominic, who is quite the little cutie. He was great at looking at the camera and flashing me those 2 little bottom teeth. Love it!

We met at the Langley Events Centre and started with just the 3 of them before Matt's dad and sister's joined us part way through. I had a great time with you guys, thanks so much for asking me to take these photos for you! Hope you like them!

Pet Peeves

My daughter just went down for a nap and I'm ready to sit down and get to work. I have a couple photo shoots to finish editing and hope to get at least one session done today!

I figured I would write another post to give you a little more insight as to who I am. Today's Top 10 list is about my Pet Peeves. Here we go...

1. When people leave their turn signals on after making their turn or lane change.
2. Women that smoke when they're pregnant or in front of their kids.
3. When people drive with dogs on their laps.
4. People who think sweet potato and yams are the same thing or that yams are sweet potatoes. They're not. Ones orange, ones yellow. They have their own names and separate sections in the grocery store.
5. When people are too narrow minded to even listen to your opinion.
6. Heavy metal bands and Scream-o music.
7. Doctors. For the most part they're necessary, but so often they just drive me nuts when they think they're the only source of a cure and think that only medicine will solve your problems. (A big reason why I had my baby at home with a midwife!)
8. People who wear their pajama pants in public.
9. Slow drivers in the fast lane.
10. Justin Beaber.

That's all I could think of for now.

I put a little clip in Cheyenne's hair yesterday. It was so cute. I'm hoping that her wearing clips will lessen the amount of time I have to hear strangers say, "Oh he's so cute." Or, "What a cute little boy." SHE'S A GIRL! It really doesn't matter how much pink you put on her, someone will still call her a boy. Maybe this is my 11th Pet Peeve! haha. That, and the pronunciation of Cheyenne's name... it's Cheyenne like Shy-Enne, not Shy-Anne. I know it often just comes out sounding like people say Shy-Anne, it's just one of those names that will always be mispronounced. Sorry Girlie. You'll just have to learn to correct people! =)

Here's Girlie wearing her clip, yet again she's in her high chair! Are you getting sick of the orange Mally bib yet? haha. If so, feel free to buy me more!

Waving "HI" to the camera

The clip

Such a sweetie

I finally got a picture of her teeth! Her only 2 teeth that have surfaced as of yet.

 Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


In The Rockies

B.C. has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Yeah, I know that statement is a little cliche already, but it's still true. I don't know of very many other places where you can go from a gorgeous coastline and downtown to a desert to the most amazing mountain range In. The. World. The Rockies are by far one of the most mesmerizing things I've ever seen. Driving through them at one point I was speechless. I was trying to put into words what I was thinking about them... I was intimidated by their hugeness; I felt inferior. It actually felt like they weren't inanimate, that they had personalities. They seemed to me like they were standing straight up, shoulders back, stomach in, chin up. They exuded confidence.

Ok, by now you might think I'm a little crazy here. They're just mountains, you're thinking. Well, to me they're much more. To me they emit the presence of God. The beauty and greatness of God. Driving through the Rockies is a non-stop worship experience.

Anyway... last week we met up in Waterton National Park with my husband's family. We spent a week camping there which was a first for us, well, with a baby that is. Cheyenne has never camped before and we were anxious as to how she would handle it. Turns out she's a true outdoors woman! =) The only problem was how quickly she could bend down, grab a rock and put it in her mouth. That meant not much sit down time for her parents. Another first for us for this camping trip was that we had a new "roof over our heads". Gone are the days of camping in a tent. That's right. We're camping in style now. We bought a 1980 Bonair tent trailer. Yup. It's true. We're rocking out the retro orange plaid fabrics! It was pretty sweet. I only took pictures of it with our point and shoot camera which I haven't uploaded to our computer yet so I have no pictures of it as of yet.

Here's a few pictures I took from our drive.

Cameron Lake

My daughter has a bigger shoe collection than me already. These are her latest purchase. I love the gold!

My SIL and BIL and nephew are so photogenic!

"Are we done yet?"

No, I didn't style my hair like this on purpose. It was a little windy in Waterton!

Taken from our campground.

 These signs were all over the place because the deer roamed around all over the place. My interpretation of this sign is "Caution: Deer may sporadically dance with humans."

On our drive home... the sky was gorgeous and you can see the Rockies in the back.
 Our snacks on the drive home.

 I had to catch up on some major reading! I read one Nicholas Sparks book on the way there (The Lucky One) and The First Song on the way home. I'm still not done this one though!

 Check out our sweet Bonair trailing behind us.

That's about it. It sure was nice to be in my own bed last night. Cheyenne has been sleeping great since we got home, too. Unfortunately, she got sick a few days ago with a fever and has been throwing up on and off since then. Now James and I have sore throats and runny noses, too. Hopefully that's as far as it'll go.

I'm looking forward to July! Lots of photo shoots planned and my birthday is at the end of the month. Plus, I'm going to be working on my website throughout the summer so I can launch it by September, if all goes according to plan.

Hope you all had a great week!



I actually just googled "sianara" because I have never actually written that word before! Good thing I checked because I was quite wrong in my assumption on how it was spelled!

Anyway, that was random. Just popping in to post a couple more pictures from my last 2 photo shoots before I take off for a week! Enjoy them and have a fabulous week! Hopefully we all get some great sunshine!

Not sure why this one doesn't want to go bigger. Oh well.



Cheyenne turned one today! It actually happened. I kind of believed she would stay little forever. Or maybe I was just hoping? haha. No, it's ok. I've come to terms with the fact that my baby will grow up and even one day have babies of her own!

We had a great time celebrating her birthday with friends and family. This morning was her birthday party with some of her friends and it was a hit, I'd say. I did choke up during the Happy Birthday chorus, but that's me! I'm a sappy, sentimental, emotional girl. My husband accepts this about me, so you should too!

Thanks to everyone who has wished Cheyenne a happy birthday, or just thought of her today or at some point in her life. We really appreciate the love and support that we have from so many family and friends. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions but worth every moment!

Here are some pictures that I was able to quickly edit from today. After this you won't be hearing from me for about a week or so. We've got family to visit, and more birthday celebrations to come!

Birthday cup cakes are pretty much the best!

Mini birthday cup cakes are second best!

The decorations.

First bite of chocolate cake ever (I made it with healthier ingredients!) She wasn't a huge fan though.

One of her gifts, the Wheely Bug!

Still smiling after a day of major over-stimulation and business!

Cheyenne's first birthday was a success in my books! Look forward to planning the next one! (But not too soon!!! ;) )


Sneak Peek

Just a quick picture from tonight's session in Fort Langley with 4 beautiful women! More to come when things slow down around the Voth residence.


Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peak from tonight's session!


|KERRY| portrait

Oh. My. Word. Kerry, you rock as a model! If there's any photographers reading this and you ever need a model to practice on or whatever, call Kerry! She's great! She was a natural- constantly giving me different poses, looking here, then looking there, smizing her heart out (for those of you who aren't Top Model fanatics, smizing is smiling with your eyes!). All in all, it was a great shoot and I had so much fun with you Kerry!

These are my most favourites, but pretty much all of them turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! I was practicing my new focus method- back button focus. I finally figured out how to actually do it and it works like a charm! (Instead of my camera focusing from the shutter button, I disconnected it so it now focuses when I push a button at the back of the camera.)

Anyway, here's Kerry:

This was our backdrop. It's in Abbotsford under the highway. I love graffiti.

Thanks for looking! I have 2 photo shoots this next week so more pictures to come!