I had a great time taking pictures of Wendy and her kids on Friday afternoon. I think they had a good time too, but Tyler mentioned to his mom that standing on the posts was a little too dangerous (he slipped off one a little near the end). I'll keep that in mind for next time!

These are some of my favourite shots from that day. Thanks again for letting me practice on your family!

I'm learning more and more each time I take pictures. I'm quite critical of my own work, I can pick out everything I should different next time or keep in mind for next time. That's a good thing. Eventually I won't have to think so much during the shoot and it'll just all fall into place. Hopefully!

My next shoot is a mild Trash the Dress session on March 1st.


  1. great pictures!

  2. Anonymous21.2.10

    Wow, great pictures Vanessa! You are so talented! ~ Angela

  3. Sharon21.2.10

    Lookin good Vanessa - should be fun shooting Max & Cheyenne!

  4. hi vanessa!

    i saw your comment on the forum! small world i guess! crazy!

    i really like your pics! my faves are 1-3 and i really like the mama/daughter where you don't see the upper half of mom.

    great job! your composition is your strong suit. everything else seems to fall into place after that. you have that creative eye!


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