In 16 days my daughter will be 1 year old. How the heck did that happen? I think back to this last year (in spurts, because I'll bawl my eyes out if I think about how fast she's growing!) and am in awe over this little miracle in our life. Before you have kids people always ask you, "Are you ready to have kids?" I asked myself that on multiple occasions. "Am I ready? Are we ready?" What I don't like about that question is that everything that follows it is negative.

Are you ready...
-to lose your freedom?
-to not have 2 incomes?
-to be sleep deprived?
-to not go on vacation for a few years?
-to not have your body to yourself?
-to always have spit up on your clothes?
-to lose your spontaneity?

Now that we have experienced having a baby I would ask you these questions:

Are you ready...
-to love someone so much it literally hurts?
-to grow so close to your husband because of this little person that's part of both of you?
-to learn what it means to care more about another human than yourself?
-to be so overjoyed the first time your baby smiles? laughs? rolls over? says "mama"?
-to feel so proud of yourself for being pregnant and carrying this little person to term and giving birth?
-to be more confident about yourself because of everything you've gone through?
-to never be the same again?

Honestly, being a parent changes your life... for the better. Sure, my husband and I haven't gone out to dinner as often as we used to, but we've been able to watch our daughter laugh for the first time, take her first steps, tell us what sound a cow or a monkey makes, and have her run up to us when we come home with the biggest smile on her face as she wraps her arms around our legs and squishes her face into our legs.

Are you ready for that much joy?

Anyway, that's me being sentimental! I love my daughter so much, hence all the pictures I take of her! How can I resist with those blazing blue eyes and her mischievous looks! You'll notice I take a lot of pictures of my daughter in her high chair. There's 1 reason for this. It's because that's the only time I can get her to stay put long enough for me to snap a picture! haha. Plus, the lighting from the window is a nice touch too. So I guess there's 2 reasons for the high chaire photo shoots!

Without further adue (adieu? ado? however you spell that!), here's my beauty in her high chair!


  1. What a beautiful post! She is absolutely beautiful! She's starting to get some pretty blonde hair. <3
    I love all the questions you ask...it is so true. I have never known so much joy before being a mother.

  2. Great post, Vanessa! And all so true. Can't believe Cheyenne is going to be one!


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