Cheyenne turned one today! It actually happened. I kind of believed she would stay little forever. Or maybe I was just hoping? haha. No, it's ok. I've come to terms with the fact that my baby will grow up and even one day have babies of her own!

We had a great time celebrating her birthday with friends and family. This morning was her birthday party with some of her friends and it was a hit, I'd say. I did choke up during the Happy Birthday chorus, but that's me! I'm a sappy, sentimental, emotional girl. My husband accepts this about me, so you should too!

Thanks to everyone who has wished Cheyenne a happy birthday, or just thought of her today or at some point in her life. We really appreciate the love and support that we have from so many family and friends. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions but worth every moment!

Here are some pictures that I was able to quickly edit from today. After this you won't be hearing from me for about a week or so. We've got family to visit, and more birthday celebrations to come!

Birthday cup cakes are pretty much the best!

Mini birthday cup cakes are second best!

The decorations.

First bite of chocolate cake ever (I made it with healthier ingredients!) She wasn't a huge fan though.

One of her gifts, the Wheely Bug!

Still smiling after a day of major over-stimulation and business!

Cheyenne's first birthday was a success in my books! Look forward to planning the next one! (But not too soon!!! ;) )


  1. Happy Birthday to your wee girl. I was exactly the same way for my daughter's first birthday. Teary, but happy. That first birthday is a huge deal! I'll be celebrating another daughter's 1st in September. *lump*
    BTW, hello, I am Kristin. I stumbled upon your blog somehow, and you had me at being a mama, hairstylist and photographer - all things I love!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful party pics! Love the one of her eating cake! After 18 or 20 birthday cakes she'll learn that she has no choice but to love it, it's tradition! haha

  3. i've just found your work - it's lovely!
    happy birthday to your sweet daughter - she is adorable!

  4. Kristin: Nice to meet you! thanks for commenting! Yes, the first birthday was bitter-sweet! I'm sure every birthday in the future will be the same way!

    Jo: I agree!! haha

    Robyn: Thanks!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see more! Happy Birthday Cheyenne! How did you make the cake healthier? I'm curious. I want to do a banana cake for Joseph's monkey theme party in October.


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