|KERRY| portrait

Oh. My. Word. Kerry, you rock as a model! If there's any photographers reading this and you ever need a model to practice on or whatever, call Kerry! She's great! She was a natural- constantly giving me different poses, looking here, then looking there, smizing her heart out (for those of you who aren't Top Model fanatics, smizing is smiling with your eyes!). All in all, it was a great shoot and I had so much fun with you Kerry!

These are my most favourites, but pretty much all of them turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! I was practicing my new focus method- back button focus. I finally figured out how to actually do it and it works like a charm! (Instead of my camera focusing from the shutter button, I disconnected it so it now focuses when I push a button at the back of the camera.)

Anyway, here's Kerry:

This was our backdrop. It's in Abbotsford under the highway. I love graffiti.

Thanks for looking! I have 2 photo shoots this next week so more pictures to come!


  1. What an awesome location! I love these. You very much have a fashion photographer feel going. I could see these in magazines!

  2. Aw thanks Christina!


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