Pet Peeves

My daughter just went down for a nap and I'm ready to sit down and get to work. I have a couple photo shoots to finish editing and hope to get at least one session done today!

I figured I would write another post to give you a little more insight as to who I am. Today's Top 10 list is about my Pet Peeves. Here we go...

1. When people leave their turn signals on after making their turn or lane change.
2. Women that smoke when they're pregnant or in front of their kids.
3. When people drive with dogs on their laps.
4. People who think sweet potato and yams are the same thing or that yams are sweet potatoes. They're not. Ones orange, ones yellow. They have their own names and separate sections in the grocery store.
5. When people are too narrow minded to even listen to your opinion.
6. Heavy metal bands and Scream-o music.
7. Doctors. For the most part they're necessary, but so often they just drive me nuts when they think they're the only source of a cure and think that only medicine will solve your problems. (A big reason why I had my baby at home with a midwife!)
8. People who wear their pajama pants in public.
9. Slow drivers in the fast lane.
10. Justin Beaber.

That's all I could think of for now.

I put a little clip in Cheyenne's hair yesterday. It was so cute. I'm hoping that her wearing clips will lessen the amount of time I have to hear strangers say, "Oh he's so cute." Or, "What a cute little boy." SHE'S A GIRL! It really doesn't matter how much pink you put on her, someone will still call her a boy. Maybe this is my 11th Pet Peeve! haha. That, and the pronunciation of Cheyenne's name... it's Cheyenne like Shy-Enne, not Shy-Anne. I know it often just comes out sounding like people say Shy-Anne, it's just one of those names that will always be mispronounced. Sorry Girlie. You'll just have to learn to correct people! =)

Here's Girlie wearing her clip, yet again she's in her high chair! Are you getting sick of the orange Mally bib yet? haha. If so, feel free to buy me more!

Waving "HI" to the camera

The clip

Such a sweetie

I finally got a picture of her teeth! Her only 2 teeth that have surfaced as of yet.

 Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


  1. So cute with that little clip! And I know what you mean about people pronouncing names wrong...apparently my son is named "Dezmin". ANNOYING!

  2. she looks adorable with her 2 teeth

  3. That is a GREAT list! I will always think of ENNE and not ANNE when I see the name Cheyenne. Thanks for the heads up on that one!

  4. haha you're welcome! I never did realize how uncommon it was to say Enne though!


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