Easter has come and gone. It felt different this year. Busier. Yet less busy at the same time. It was strange. I wasn't in the head space that I normally am for Easter. That's probably mostly my fault. I didn't take time to fully reflect on the reason for Easter before it actually came. And by the time it had passed I was just starting to get there, mentally and emotionally.

I feel like I want to write so much more. About my faith; about how Easter is the reason for why I believe what I do; about the love of Jesus and the sacrifice he made so that we can live life to the full. So much. I've read so many beautiful blog posts this weekend from other Christians that sum it up so good. I especially loved the way Jamie summed it up in this blog post. So instead of reiterating the same thing, I'll guide you to her post!

Here are some pictures of Girlie on Easter Sunday before we took off for Church! She looks so grown up here!!

Hahahaha... don't mess with her... she means business!


  1. awwww, she's so cute!

  2. She's absolutely adorable.

  3. As I would say to my girls, "Woah, you're lookin' faaancccyyy!"
    Love the necklace and pigtails!
    So so cute!

  4. thanks everyone!! She is quite a cutey! =)

    And yes, I agree.. fancy is a good word for this occasion!

  5. Wow, she does look so grown up!! Soooo cute as always!


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