Random Monday

My husband is brewing a batch of beer as I sit in my dungeon, culling through Saturday's wedding pictures (which are stunning... if I do say myself! This couple is really, really, ridiculously good looking- say that with your best Ben Stiller voice from Zoolander.) Oh, in case you're wondering, James is brewing a Nut Brown beer. I know, so exciting. haha. It kind of is actually. The house smells like a barn and I love it. I'm a country girl at heart, what can I say?! No, seriously. If I could milk cows for a living I'd be one happy girl (as long as I didn't have to do the early morning milking and I could still do photography!)

My day has been random. Girlie actually slept in today which was a treat. Then we had a late brunch and got started on cleaning our garage out. I have been dying to sort through/purge/declutter/organize our garage and its contents for so long! It feels so good to have that done with. Anyone want a VCR or roller blades? (For those of you born after 1995, a VCR is a way of watching movies that requires rewinding the video when you're done watching it. I know, so old school. haha)

There were bubbles and dirt; coffee and grad caps; plaid suit jackets and cables; beach toys and baseball gloves. And there was LEGO. A whole two suitcases of Lego. My husband was a bit of a Lego fanatic growing up. Even to this day, they're split into two suitcases, one of which holds the contents that I'm not even sure he'd ever let our own children play with. haha. One of the suitcases has a pen explosion in it and I made James clean them today. Pretty sure that wasn't his most favourite part of the day! But at least it's done with now and we can move on.

There was pizza for dinner and a hair cut for my brother-in-law. There was a toddler serenading her parents over the monitor with continuous rounds of "uppabuppa world so high", on repeat. There was a short conversation with a good friend. There was chatting with the neighbour while our children passed a ball back and forth. There was nostalgia as we sorted through boxes containing items that at one point in time had significant meaning to us. There was Regina Skeptor and Lightroom and Blogger.

And there was contentment. Peace. Satisfaction.

Oh, and on a side note, I had another photo shoot featured on Weddings In BC the other day! Denise's Trash the Dress shoot from last summer was featured!


  1. Plaid suit jackets?! I hope James isn't getting rid of those! ha ha

  2. There was only one and it is outta here!

  3. your trash the dress shoot is gorgeous! what a beautiful girl and your photos are stunning!!


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