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Hi! It feels like I haven't blogged for a long time. I miss it! I miss your comments! I miss the connection! Hopefully I'll remedy that today.

I have been busy. Travelling, photo shoots, workshops, bettering my business in general. A few exciting things have been going on here in the last few days and weeks. Obviously I went to Australia and photographed an amazingly beautifully styled wedding; I photographed an adorable baby boy; I listened to a two day online workshop taught by Jasmine Star about starting a Wedding Photography business; I met one of my couples for their engagement session; I bought a new camera; I had another feature on a wedding blog!

See, busy!

Friday and Saturday were spent on my computer, for 8 hours each day I was soaking in endless amounts of information from Jasmine Star about starting a wedding photography business and make it grow. Very exciting and such a fitting time to hear that in my business (on the verge of booking my 12th wedding for 2011!)

On Thursday night I got a call that my camera was in! I drove over right away and picked it up. I now own my very own Canon 5D Mark II camera! So exciting!! I feel so much more legit now! =) I'm still getting use to it, it's got a lot more functions than my current Rebel XSi, but it's amazing! Its ISO goes up to 6400! Who needs flash when you have an ISO of 6400??!!! haha. This weekend's engagement session was my first trial run with the 5D, and I think it was good!

Another feature on weddingsinbc.com! Luna and Ayo's engagement session was featured in their Inspiration Room on Saturday! Exciting!

I HAD to use my new camera as soon as possible to test it out so I used my Girlie as my model again. Here are some pictures with my new camera and my 35mm lens which is even more heavenly on a full frame camera body!


  1. Wow, her hair sure is getting longer! Feels like I haven't seen her in a long time, thanks for the pics!

  2. it sure is! I know, she's hasn't appeared on here in a while!

  3. Yay for new cameras! Have fun!
    I love Cheyenne's scrunched up nose! She's looking so much older in these photos!

  4. Anonymous12.4.11

    Wasn't Jasmine Star amazing. I was so lucky my hubby was home to watch our kiddos for me so I could stare at a computer monitor for 16 hrs. It was so inspiring. I hope you got out of it as much as I did! I'm just starting this journey, loving my hobby and seeing where it takes me.

  5. Thanks Kristin! Yeah, she's growing like a weed! =)

    Julie, I did get lots out of it! Lots of little bits here and there! Glad you were able to watch it as well and that's exciting that you're starting this journey of photography! all the best! thanks for dropping a line!

  6. She's a cutie - such beautiful blue eyes!

    p.s. I would have loved to have watched that Jasmine Star workshop, but I found out about it the day AFTER it ended - boo! :( ...there's always next time, I suppose.


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