Australia- The First Days

I'm not sure how to adequately sum up my time in Australia. I could probably find a few words to give you a vague idea...

Amazing. Rejuvenating. Inspiring. Friendship. Worship. Latte. Latte. Tea. Tea. Love. Culture. And so much more.

I arrived in Adelaide early in the afternoon on Thursday, March 17. First thing's first... While my friend was getting her hair died I walked over to the nearest bakery and ordered a latte and pie. (Not fruit, meat. Meat pies are pretty much a staple food item down there. I think we should bring that into our culture as well. Pies. Mmm mmm.)  The day was spent with one of my closest friends at heart, but furthest friend geographically. I'm always amazed when I think about our friendship. Heidi and I met 8 years ago in New Zealand at bible school. We were room mates for the three months that she was there and instantly connected. Being so similar in personalities we bonded on a deep level, very quickly. We've stayed in touch over these last 8 years. A couple phone calls a year, yet after the "hello, how are you"s have been said, we delve right into the real matters of life. No surface level friendship here. We get down to the nitty gritty of our lives- the good and bad days, our strengths and weaknesses, our goals and struggles. We've managed to see each other 4 times within the last 8 years. I think that's pretty impressive!

Needless to say, spending a whole 10 days with Heidi was therapeutic! It was so refreshing to catch up with her, face to face. To reconnect over endless cups of tea- on her couch, overlooking Adelaide and Glenelg Beach in the distance- or over lattes at cafes. I haven't drank that much caffeine in a very long time! But there's something about Australian latte's that taste just so unbelievably amazing! Don't get me started on the names of their coffees though! That, I will never understand! =)

There was one day near the end of my visit when we had just gotten home from our facials and we were putting on our make-up in the bathroom, soft music filling the spaces around her quaint, Australian inspired decorated home, and I started to get emotional and I told her that this was a moment of worship for me. The presence of God of was so alive at that moment. The awe of the whole situation, of the whole process of all the events that led me to that moment. So grateful.

Anyway, the first two days were spent getting ready for her sister's wedding day. I basically tagged along to wherever Heidi and her family needed to go. I was pretty much useless at this point as jet lag had reared it's ugly head and I was ready to pass out by 3pm. When we arrived at the ceremony location for the rehearsal I knew this would be a great wedding. The location was amazing. A friend's front yard over looking some vineyards and a lake. Gorgeous. 

Saturday was the wedding, as you all know by now since you've probably seen the Sneak Peeks already. It was the only sunny, hot day of my whole visit but I'm glad that it was! I'll write more about the actual wedding day when I write the full blog post. But I will let you know that this wedding was amazing. It definitely encompassed so many traits that I'm drawn to and that I love photographing. Intricate details, lots of DIY projects (including the bride's earrings that were made the morning of the wedding! Now that's talent!), amazing style, and a gorgeous couple!

I'll finish off here and continue writing about the rest of my trip in the next few days. Here are two more pictures from the wedding!


  1. Anonymous30.3.11

    What beautiful words that sum up your visit so beautifully. We have somethign so special - I feel incredibly blessed. xx Heidi

  2. Wow! Sounds incredible Vanessa! Can't wait to hear more!


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