Australian Wedding Sneak Peek

Ok folks, I know you've been waiting to see some pictures from yesterday's wedding. I'm actually quite nervous to post these! I feel like all eyes are on me, the pressure is on! The day was more than beautiful and I think these pictures will speak for themselves.

First off: Congratulations Beth and Dan!!!! You have no idea how much I loved being part of your day! Beth, you looked unbelievably gorgeous and I still can't get over how beautiful your eyes are. Dan, I'm glad you got rid of the beard! =) You were both amazing yesterday and a pleasure to work with! I hope you love your photos and I wish you all the best as you go on your honeymoon and start this beautiful journey as husband and wife! Love you both!

Here they are...

Thanks for stopping by! From here on out the trip is all about visiting with Heidi and checking out the Adelaide sights!


  1. Vanessa! They are amazing! You've captured personality beautifully (although I can imagine what they are like!) . I can't wait to see more! What a gorgeous couple!
    Bike for two and the last one are my favs - classics!
    My summer project is to learn how to capture sun flare. I am loving your sunny photos!

  2. Anonymous21.3.11

    Love the last one! Gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous. i love how casual and summery their outfits are. and your photos capture that beautifully.

  4. love these - great job, Vanessa! :)

  5. These are so great! And what a wonderful landscape to work with...all those green green trees!


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