Becker was the first session that I attended at WPPI. It was a couple of hours after we arrived at the MGM Grand and I was pumped for the start of an amazing week! Here are a few of the things that Becker said that stood out to me...

"Figure out what makes you special and different and figure out how to let people know about it."
We don't need to fit another photographer's mold when it comes to our own artistic style and creativity in photography. I'm still thinking about this for myself and what I think makes my images different and special compared to other photographer's images.

"Do whatever it takes to deliver an outstanding and remarkable experience to your clients."
Becker talked a lot about the whole overall experience that you make with your clients and your aim being to get your clients to rave about you and your services. Your personality and attitude are of utmost importance when dealing with a bride and groom. He said that "it is more important to be personable than professional." Not to say that being professional isn't important, but if you're going into a wedding all business and no personality, that'll affect the outcome of how your couple's relay their experience with you to their friends and family. After the wedding day is over, don't let up on your services, either. You need to keep your game on until you've delivered the final products, and even after that you want to maintain a great relationship with your clients.

"People don't always remember what you say but they remember how they felt."
This kind of branches off from my previous paragraph but the truth in it is so valuable. He said to "invest in relationships and improve your client experience." I think that I'm a very personable person, so maybe that will be part of what makes me different and special from other photographers? Becker said that your "#1 goal is to make sure the bride and groom are having a good time" on their wedding day. You can make sure this happens by making them "look and feel beautiful by genuinely caring for them and taking pride in what you do."

I have way more notes that I wrote down from his talk but these were the main things that stuck with me and that I want to really aim to improve in my business when dealing with couples or families for portrait sessions. Tomorrow, notes from Bobbi & Mike's session!

Here's a photo taken from the stage at [b]ecker's session. Can you spot Frances and I in the crowd??

Here we are!

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  1. Wow. What a great start to your experience! I can only imagine how fast your hand must have been writing down notes. I am looking forward to hearing about Bobbi and Mike's talk. I am a fan!
    P.S. I am all about getting as close to the front row as well when I attend workshops and training!! Just soak it up, right up close and personal! ; )


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