PT Time

I always hoped that Girlie would be one of those kids that would potty train herself by the time she was 18 months old. =) I'm sure every mother secretly hopes for that dream to come true! I decided that today would be the day that I start encouraging Girlie to pee on the potty.

We've had a little potty sitting around for a few months now and she's always been interested in it. She'll even tell us that she wants to go "pee pee machen" (german for go pee) so we'd  take off her pants and diaper and she'd go sit on the potty for a while and play with it, but in the end she always pees beside it on the floor!

Girlie is just over 20 months old now so I thought I'd start being more proactive about this potty training business. I really don't care if she picks up on it right away or not, I just want to see if she will! A few of my friends have girls about her age and they're potty trained, so maybe Girlie can join the diaper free gang!

I bought her cute little big girl undies for Christmas so I pulled them out today. I don't even know if she recognizes when she pees because those disposable diapers absorb a ton of liquid. At least the undies will let her know that she's wet.

So, here's to Day One of Potty Training!

Not sure what she's doing in the 2nd picture here, but whatever, if it works, go for it!

Checking out all the nooks and crannies of this thing

"Mom, you want me to do what in here?"

Check out those panties. She's very proud!

I love this next one.

What's going on there? Where's my diaper?!

Love this one too.


  1. That's so cute! good luck with that!

  2. Once she masters this, you will not have a baby any more, you will have a big girl. Wish you good luck.

  3. Man she's going to hate these when she's 18 and has her first boyfriend! But man, these are ridiculously adorable! She's SO cute Vanessa!!

  4. hahaha that's what i was thinking as I was posting them, Jo! Maybe I'll just delete this one post when she's old enough to know how to go through all my posts! But really, these would make for some great wedding slide show pictures!! =)

  5. Good luck Vanessa! In my book, if you have her trained by age two, you'll be doing REALLY well. Hope it goes well for you!


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