Il Mio Sogno: Italia

My dream: Italy

One of my all time, must do, things on my Life's To-Do List is to go to Italy. Just thinking about it makes my heart ache just a bit. My desire to travel there, and ideally live there for a short time, is so severe! Venice is my ultimate dream. Tuscany, Rome, Florence, any Italian city really. I picture myself roaming the Italian streets, not the main streets, the side streets, where no one knows English (I have Rosetta Stone, I'll be fluent in Italian before we head off!), and I would find a cafe and drink my cappuccino on a wrought iron chair, reading the Italian newspaper, greeting passerby's with a Ciao as they walked by, and maybe even an Arrivederci. At night, we would cozy up in our Italian country side home, Andrea Bocelli serenading us as we make fresh pasta from scratch, all the while sipping Italian wine from a local vineyard.


My yearning to travel to Italy only intensified this weekend. James, Cheyenne and I spent the weekend in Osoyoos and, as is usual for our time up there, I read all weekend long, finishing yet another book. (I think I've read more books in this last month than I have in the last few years combined!) I frequent the library this summer. Grabbing any books that grab my attention. Yes, I'm judging every book by its cover. And it's title and the brief description written about it.

This weekend the book of choice of The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. Wow. It was really really good. But I'm a sucker for romantic love stories. It had be captivated. Riveted. It was amazing. I was crying by the end, hoping for the best for the two main characters. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, this book is set in Italy, Florence to be exact. The detail of the country, of art, of wine, of life, was beautiful. Do add it to your reading list, if you're into those kind of books.

So yes, one day I, too, will be in Italy, my story may not be as riveting as the novel's, but it'll be real and it will be mine. And I can't imagine being in such a beautiful country with anyone other than my husband and daughter. Here's to dreaming, and one day to my dreams coming true!

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  1. you'll love italy!! i spent three weeks there three years ago and it was everything i imagined! one of my favourite days was spent roaming about the old canal streets of venice followed by a cappuccino in a little cafe where the windows were removed to let in the summer heat - it was perfect for people watching! be sure to adventure out to the little towns of Orvieto, Assisi and Revena too!! They can be so much more breathtaking that the big cities!

  2. Anonymous18.8.11

    I'll be visiting all these places in about a month. I'll sit and have a capuccino for you too.


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