My Epiphanie

Last year for my birthday I asked for a Shootsac, which I gratefully received. My Shootsac has been over my shoulder for every wedding and photo shoot since last August. Having photographed nine weddings now, I realized the Shootsac wasn't enough. At least not for weddings. I wanted something more. Something that I could put my camera into with a lens attached to the body. With the Shootsac you always have to separate everything in order to fit it in. So I would end up wearing my camera around my neck most of the day and putting it in my car just on the seat when driving to the next destination. And the Shootsac doesn't have any extra pockets for my personal things, like my wallet, keys, chap stick, and kleenex.

So I started my search for a new camera bag. I looked at Kelly Moore, of course, but wasn't in love with their design and the look of them. I wanted a bag that had multiple pockets, that could fit my camera with a lens attached and a couple extra lenses and all my other little knick knacks, and I wanted something that closed with a zipper, not a button or snap. Kelly Moore's closed with a snap (maybe there are some with zippers, I don't know, I didn't look into it too deeply).

Then I came upon this beautiful company that makes the most beautiful camera bags! Epiphanie Bags!!! Holy moly are they nice. I perused their bag options and instantly fell in love with Ginger, in black. I subtley, or quite unsubtley, emailed my family with a link to that page mentioning that this could possibly make a pretty wicked birthday present! Much to my surprise (or not ;) ) I received the bag on my birthday! And I'm quite excited about it!

I just filled it up with my camera and lenses and am ready to shoot tonight's engagement session with it over my shoulder. I kind of feel like I'm cheating on my Shootsac. But I think I'll still make use of my Shootsac for some portrait sessions, or for traveling, or who knows. We'll see. If it ends up sitting around, then I'll sell it. But for now, I will marvel in the glory of Ginger!

Here she is. She does have an over-the-shoulder strap that I attached after taking these pictures!

I love this bag. But I also love my new office chair. Best Ikea purchase ever!


  1. Anonymous3.8.11

    Very nice, can't wait for your review on how it works on the job!

  2. I told Adam I want one. If Vanessa has one, I want one too, I said :). How else are we going to match?

  3. i will definitely write a review for you!

    And lyndsay, that made me lough. out loud. :)

  4. wow - that is exactly what I've been looking for! looking forward to your thoughts on it in action! :D


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