JUDY & FORREST /engaged

As you might remember from Judy and Forrest's Sneak Peek, Judy is our Real Estate Agent. We met through a mutual friend and I'm so glad we did! She was such a help to us when we bought our first home, and now again when we bought our new place.

Judy and Forrest got engaged on Christmas Day and I was thrilled when she asked me to do their engagement photos! I met them outside their New West home and we set off down the boardwalk and snapped pictures along the way. So beautiful! The couple, the evening, the lighting, the ring. Oh goodness gracious me. Her ring. It's ah-mazing. It's beyond amazing. It's gorgeously lovely. Wow. One of the perks to being a wedding photographer, and a diamond ring lover, is that I get to see so many different and unique and gorgeous engagement rings! And, yes, I even try them on. It's the safest way to transport them when I'm doing ring shots, instead of holding it loose in my hand! ;) Anyway, beware all you diamond-loving ladies reading this. You will drool. You will ogle. You will covet.

Anyway, thanks for asking me to take these photos for you guys! I had a blast! Hope you enjoy them!

Tomorrow I'll have a Sneak Peek from tonight's gorgeous engagement session at Steveston!!


  1. Anonymous17.8.11

    Vanessa these are beautiful! And I think your ring pictures are very unique. I love the one on the purple flower. So pretty!

  2. Yay! I love my backyard. Such a nice session and such nice light. I love how you shot at this end of the boardwalk.

  3. Thanks Annonymous! :)

    Lyndsay: I've never been to this end of the boardwalk before! very nice!

  4. Anonymous19.8.11

    Wow Vanessa, great work! We had a lot of fun while getting our photos taken by you. I will recommend you to everyone, again and again.

    Thank you!

    :) Judy & Forrest


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