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Meagan and Josiah are an adorable couple. With an adorable love story. They met in Abbotsford while working in the same book store, but most of their relationship has been long distance, him in Montreal and her in New Brunswick. She said that they've probably only spent six months together in total in their three year relationship. While they were apart, they would write each other letters. Handwritten letters, not emails. So romantic. And they would read and write poetry for each other. Seriously, so cute. They also both have strong relationships with God which is evident even from just reading their answers to my questionnaire.

I've had a few couples now where both the guy and girl have an engagement ring. Meagan and Josiah are one of those couples. I really like this idea. That's why there are two rings in my images of the rings.

I loved Meagan and Josiah's engagement session. We met at the docks in Fort Langley to start and then made our way to the train tracks where they had brought all the items needed for a picnic. So they had a picnic on the tracks, with the sun setting behind them, reading old love letters that they had written to each other and a few old novels. It was excellent. I love e-sessions with props and more of that lifestyle feel to them!

I'm really looking forward to their wedding next weekend! It'll be a good one! :) For now, enjoy these images and if you'd like to see more check out their Slideshow.

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  1. GORGEOUS! I love everything about this shoot! My favourite is def. the one walking down the train tracks with him kissing her hand. Too sweet.


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