The Journey Begins

The unknown lies before me. What will become of this new adventure I'm about to embark on? Right now, anything could happen. I'm so excited to see where this will lead me. I've been dreaming about starting a career in Photography for almost 10 years (yes, that long) and only now am I actually pursuing my dream. But it's never too late, so the time is now.

Join me as I enter this new realm of adventure in my life!

I will use this blog as a means to update my progress, my struggles, my excitement, and, most importantly, my pictures! Thanks for joining me in this quest!

I should add that I still don't own my own SLR camera, but it's in the works! Most of my pictures up to this point were taken with a Canon point and shoot digital camera, and some were taken with a Canon Rebel XT. All photos are edited with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Here's the first sampling of one of my photos, and my new logo/name thing!

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