Photo Field Trip

Despite the drizzling rain, my friend, Frances, and I went on a short Photo Field Trip today. I was going to test out my telephoto lens, which I've never worked with before, and she also had a new lens she wanted to test out. We quickly drove to a nearby alley and snapped a few shots, trying to get done before it really started raining. Anyway, it was good to see how the telephoto lens works and how close you can get to your subject and how not far away you can get! But I like having options.

Aside from playing with my camera some more, I found some good places for potential, future photo shoots. I've always been drawn to garage doors and grafiti, and bright doors among brick walls. Well, this alley had a little bit of everything! Here's a few pictures from today that I took:
Frances and her precious daughter.

One of the bright doors amongst brick walls that I love!

A pile of tires that would also be perfect for a photo shoot location.

Thanks for introducing me to this alley, Frances! I think I quite like it.

Now, when you're a photographer you don't often get many photos of yourself. But thankfully I wasn't alone on this field trip and Frances was able to snap a few of me "in action." Here's what we got, don't I look all professional? =)

Check out that zoom on the telephoto lens!

Frances wanted to test out her lens as well so I volunteered to model for her =)


  1. Hey, they turned out awesome! Except I look old in those pics of me... geesh. Sorry, I guess I could have smiled some more...
    So glad you liked the alley:) Yeah, we'll have to go back one day sans squirming child.
    Thanks for modeling for me, too!

  2. Sorry, Frances! That's my fault-I didn't tell you to smile!

  3. Amazing how interesting a pile of tires can look in a good picture!

  4. I think that's what good photographers do... make a nothing subject turn into a good picture!

  5. I am totally impressed, good stuff, I am jealous of your big lens, have fun with it, the pictures are very good.


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