Red to Green

I now am the owner of my very own Digital SLR camera! James picked it up from the states today! Unfortunately you have to wait so long for the battery to charge before you can start testing it out! So, I waited somewhat patiently (not really, though. I kept looking over and hoping the light would no longer be red but a bright, shining green). After about 2 hours or so it happened. The light turned from red to green and my excitement grew! I quickly grabbed my, MY, camera and inserted the battery. Next step, turn the camera to the "ON" position. Check. And now comes the fun part!

My house doesn't have the greatest lighting, especially at this time of day, but I've been clicking away, just getting a feel for the camera and seeing what kind of outcome comes from changing different settings. FUN!

Some of the equipment that came with the kit is definitely cheap looking, but whatever. It's a good starter set and we'll go from there! While I was oh-so patiently waiting for the battery to charge, I started organizing my hard shell carrying case. There's a large piece of foam made up of many small, foam squares that you can pick out to fit the form of the pieces that you want to insert. This was maybe the funnest part! Just kidding. But it was a good time waster, and also kind of stressful as I didn't want to pluck out the wrong square and thus ruin the entire foam-form-fitting ensemble. Alliteration much?

I may need to go on a photographic walk around the complex tomorrow to test it out a little bit more. For tonight, I'll take pictures of Cheyenne!

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  1. love tham all, you are very good.


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