|ALEAH| newborn

I met Aleah's parents, Scott and Jamie, when we started attending their church last February, and was thrilled to be able to take some newborn pictures for them. Aleah is just over 2 weeks old in these pictures and was a pretty good model until the clothes came off- she's quite modest already!

I'll probably be going through my list of volunteer models now to book some more sessions. It'd be nice to do at least a couple a month. Thanks for taking time to check out my blog!


  1. Anonymous17.3.10

    Oh so gorgeous!!!!!!! Beautiful photos! I'll have to fly you over to take photos for me like that one day! Great job Vanessa, you're very talented x -Love Heidi

  2. Anonymous17.3.10

    I've been checking out your pictures every week and they are looking great! I think I would like you to do some 1 yr. old shots of Beckem in July, if you can!

  3. These are great. I love the look on her face in the one where she's wrapped in the pink blanket. Great job Vanessa!

  4. Thanks guys! It was a fun shoot!

    Heidi, if you fly me out I will take a TON of pictures for you! =)


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