Tynehead Park

My daughter loves being outside. Whenever she starts getting cranky I just bring her outside, in my carrier, and she squeals with excitement. My husband and I decided to take advantage of another gorgeous day on the West Coast and go for a walk with our daughter. Yes, she was being cranky, so we did have alterior motives!

It worked! Cheyenne cheered up instantly and gave every passer by a nice smile, and every dog got a squeal out of her along with some serious flailing of her arms and legs. We even met a friendly squirrel. He seriously came right up to me, maybe a foot away. For those of you that are familiar with camera lenses, I was using a fixed 50mm lens today so you can see how close he got to me.

Here's some memories from our walk:


  1. Looks like fun! I want to see a pic of James with the carrier. Come on!

  2. haha... I did get a few... I'll have to post some. He looked pretty sexy in that thing, let me tell you! =P

  3. aw. these are sweet. the squirrel...love it!

  4. Thanks Heidi! I know, the squirrel was quite the character! I think he gets fed too often in this park!


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