I. Heart. Shopping.

Retail Therapy. It costs about as much as Lie-On-The-Sofa Therapy, but there's less tears involved (until your husband sees the Mastercard bill!)

I enjoy shopping. It's relaxing... well, somewhat relaxing, some of the time. Yesterday my mom, sister and I went down to the Seattle Premium Outlets for a day of shopping. It was great to stock up on some needed, or wanted, items and to get some great deals. These were probably my favourite purchase. I should mention that I also heart Nine West!

My daughter got another pair of shoes this week from her grandparents. Before I show you pictures I just have to say that I understand why people may be into the whole Crocs thing, what with their being plastic and waterproof, easy to slip on, easy to clean off, comfortable, etc. And there's one thing to buy a black pair, but what's with the neons and bright colours? Ok, so you bought a pair of neon Crocs, do you seriously need to wear them out in public? It's one of my pet peeves, along with people wearing their pajama pants in public. Is it really that hard to throw on a pair of sweat pants and even flip flops? Flip flops are made of plastic and easy to slip on too, so you have no excuse.

Anyway, that being said, I don't mind mini Crocs. Anything mini is aceptable to me. Here's the latest addition to my daughter's Size 1 shoe collection:

See. These are cute. But when a grown woman goes out with pink Crocs on her feet, not so cute. Just a little fashion tip I'm throwing in for free!

Picture taking has been a little slow this week. The weather has gone downhill, too. Seems winter is making a late appearance in the Lower Mainland. So you'll have to be content with pictures of shoes. BUT, next week is a whole other story! I have a Couples session on Sunday (weather permitting), and a Newborn session on Tuesday (which, oh my word, you're going to love because she's pretty adorable!) So, don't delete my blog from your favourites quite yet! There is more to come!

To end, I'd like to show off my husband. He's a babe in my books. Here's proof:


  1. I have pink crocs but I wouldn't be caught dead in them in public AND they were a gift from a friend. I mean, some friend giving crocs as a gift, but he's outdoorsy and I always made fun of him for wearing them so he got even and got me some. I HAVE worn them in the rain in the dark to go for a walk (no well-lit streets) and I've worn them on a canoe trip but that was also JUST for show for the friend who bought them for me. I felt I needed to justify myself for having some. I hate them as well. But Cheyenne's mini ones are adorable.

  2. PS LOVE your new shoes and of course you think James is a babe, it's the Voth genes - it's why we're gorgeous and all our babies are super-cute!

  3. Vess, next time you need to post a pic of the "I just saw the MasterCard face" and/or the tears rolling down James' cheek when he realizes that one day Cheyenne's shopping habits may rival her mothers!! :)

  4. Jo: I do recall pictures of your crocs now that you mention it! haha. Tsk Tsk. Thank you for explaining your self though! I think I can move past this and still accept you as my sister ;)

    M: Oy. It's going to be interesting once this Girlie is old enough to know what shopping is! We might need to take out another loan just to cover her shopping needs! haha

  5. I think these little pink ones are so cute...


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