|VICKY & STEFAN| couples

On Sunday afternoon I had my first Couples session with my sister and her husband. They were gracious enough to be my guinea pigs! I'm quite happy with the results. I'm still working on some new techniques and trying different stuff out, hence the practice photo shoots!

Tomorrow is the Newborn shoot which I'm also very excited about!


  1. I see why you like the ones by the wheel, love them all. Good job.

  2. Anonymous16.3.10

    Beautiful job!

  3. Thanks! Yes, the wheel was a hit!

  4. Anonymous17.3.10

    My favourite was the wheel too!!!! :) xx Heidi (aussie)

  5. HI Vanessa! I looked at your blogspot today! And I must agree with what everyone else is saying, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I loved looking at all of them! My favorite one is where you can see vicky and stefan through that little car window! Their just all amazing! IFF I ever were to get married, can you be my photographer? :) haha but honestly, amazing pictures that you have! you have an amazing talent!!

  6. Aw thanks Karola! IF you get married you can definitely book me! =)


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