Cherry Blossoms. Love.

One of the best things about Spring is the Cherry Blossoms. I think God created them to make people smile. At least that's what I do every time I see one. For some reason, every time I pass one, all other thoughts in my mind seem to cease and all I can do is marvel at the beauty that is the Cherry Blossom.

There's this one Cherry Blossom tree in our complex that has been calling my name for weeks already, wanting to be photographed. Today was the fateful day that I would venture down the drive way and capture this tree's beauty with my lens.


  1. Beautiful! I love cherry blossoms almost as much as I like eating the cherries! :) I miss seeing them every spring.

  2. Gorgeous as usual!

  3. Thanks! I almost missed my chance to take pictures of the tree because they're starting to lose all their petals already!


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