Spread the Word

How am I liking photography so far? I LOVE it! I get so excited for every session that I can hardly sleep. And after the session I'm glued to my computer whenever I have a moment (which seem to be few and far between with a pretty much walking 9 month old!) editing away.

I've always wanted to do wedding photography. I haven't had any volunteers for that yet, though! Ideally, I would love to start out by second shooting some weddings with another photographer. This is where you guys come in... you can help me spread the word!

If you are a photographer, or know any photographers in the Greater Vancouver area that wouldn't mind having a second shooter along with them for a wedding, free of charge, please pass on my information! You can contact me at vanessavoth@gmail.com.

Hope you're all enjoying this fabulous weather!


  1. wish i knew someone in van getting married. maybe i could convince one of my siblings just for you?? heehee

  2. you should! haha... maybe it'll get things going! =)


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