Easter Extravaganza

Another Easter has come and gone. I'm so thankful and grateful for what Christ did for us so many years ago on that cross. Victory over death, once and for all. I love it. We are so blessed.

Easter is always jam-packed with family get togethers and lots and LOTS of food! Here's a taste of what our weekend looked like.

Cheyenne's gift from her Omi (Grandma)

Cheyenne's gift from her Tante (Aunt)

Easter isn't Easter without some Tulips in the house

Easter (or any other day, for that matter!) is also never complete without BBQ!

Or wine

The best toy for sucking, an empty beer bottle! Don't worry, she didn't drink what was inside! ;)

 If you ask her how big she is, she'll raise her arms above her head. Too cute.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend!

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  1. All our children and Cheyenne are a blessing to us from God. To Him be the glory.
    So gross!!! Love it.


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