Grocery Store Grievances

I hate grocery shopping. It's probably my least favourite "chore" to do, well, maybe it's even with cleaning the bathroom!

This is my rant post.

Let's start by saying, I always pick the worst check-out aisle at the grocery store. I don't know why, but it's a given that the lane I choose will be the lane that takes a million times longer to go through than any other lane.  You know what I'm talking about. The lane where the lady in front of you needs a price check on one of her items; or they just notice that the bag of sugar has a hole in it and they need to page someone to grab a new one for her; or the item won't scan; etc. It's all bad.

Well, yesterday I had another one of these experiences. I chose the check-out lane that looked like it should be the quickest. I loaded all of my stuff onto the conveyer belt thing and waited. The old lady in front of me started making small talk with the cashier as the started ringing through her items. The total came to $75. Right away the old lady said she was pretty sure there wouldn't be enough money in her bank account for that (she was paying by debit) but the cashier swiped her card to see what would happen. Sure enough, not enough money. So the old lady starts unpacking her grocery bag and they start taking some items off the bill. You'd think she'd start with the more expensive items, like the meal replacement shakes that cost $10. But no. Let's start with the bag of Fig Newtons, and maybe the box of no name Bran Flakes cereal. $65. Swipe again. Still no good. The old lady again said, "I'm pretty sure that's still too much. I don't get my pension money until midnight tonight." So, they unload some more items. Now she's down to about a quarter of the groceries that she bought. This time her card was accepted. $49. Seriously? $25 over? You'd think she would have shopped better knowing she only had $50 in her bank account! haha. Oh well. I wasn't in a huge rush and I've learned to not get totally frustrated in these kinds of situations!

There's other things that annoy me about the grocery store but I'll just stop now! haha.

Onto better things in life... babies! I went out to Abbotsford to take some pictures of my cousin and his wife's 5 week old baby girl. What a cutie she is! Here's a quick sneak peak from yesterdays Newborn session with her, more to come when I get some time to edit!

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  1. You are really very talented Vanessa! I LOVE your pic´s! Especially the first one. Those eyes are just so piercing!


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