List Obsession

I have a condition. Let's call it OCLD- Obsessive Compulsive List Disorder.

I need lists for everything. And then some. Anytime I go on a trip, or just an over-nighter somewhere, I have to make 'packing' lists and 'to-do' lists, and 'don't forget to add this to the list' lists. I'm going away next week so the lists are taking over my life at the moment. I have my Master List that lists every single item that I want to remember to pack, even the most obvious of things: wallet, underwear, sweater, carry-on bag, etc. Then I have my To-Do-Before-Leaving list which starts from a week before I actually leave, and it's broken down by days. Then there's my Carry-On-Baggage List which lists contents also found in the Master List but that I specifically want to have in on me for the flight. Then there's the Pack-The-Morning-Of-List which also contatins items found on the Master List but that I'll still be using up until we leave. And then there's the many random Don't-Forget-To-Put-These-On-The-Master-List Lists. They're all over my house. One in ever room probably. My Master List stays in my bedroom, but what if I'm in the kitchen and I remember "Oh yeah! Can't forget my blue shoes!" Well, who wants to run all the way upstairs to write it down only to come back downstairs and remember something else?! So I write it down on my mini list and collaborate all my lists together the day before I leave.

Yup. That's some pretty intense listing action going on. I used to think my condition was pretty severe, but tolerable. Now that I have a baby to pack for too... well, you don't want to know how many trees are being cut down to account for the amount of paper I use for my lists. =) But hey, at least I don't forget anything!

Another thing I've started doing is bringing my master list with me to wherever I'm going so I know what to bring back home with me! Sooo, another item to add to my Master List is: Master List!

Hope you're all having a great Thursday. I'm not at my computer so I have no pictures to add, but I'll make up for it when I get back from my trip. I promise. I've got a million (I also tend to exagerate) photo shoots lined up while I'm away and will try to get a few sneak peaks up on my blog when I get access to some high-speed internet.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You should keep the master list for your next trip, and re-use it then. :)

  2. I do!!! Well, I've labeled all my lists for which trip it's for. Now I can just go back and see what i needed for the same trip last time! Whether it be Manitoba, or somewhere hot, or for camping, etc.!


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