Swingin' and Teeterin'

Last weekend James, Cheyenne and I went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood. We stopped by the local park to let Cheyenne swing for a while. She just loves the swings and it was a gorgeous day outside. A win-win situation. We also put her on the Teeter Totter (is that how you spell it??) for the first time, but she wasn't as keen about that.

I just love the way this picture turned out.

My husband took this next one for me.

I'll be MIA for a little while but will try to get a few pictures posted whenever I get around to it. My husband's family is planning on taking advantage of me while we're visiting, but in a good way! =) They've got lots of photo shoots planned for me and I can't wait! There'll be a Newborn session (mind you, my nephew is already 2 months old so it'll be more of a baby session!), a Couples session, a Fashion session, a Re-Live the Dress session (that's what I'm calling shoots where women want to wear their wedding dresses again but not necessarily trash them!), and a bunch of other random pictures I'm sure!

Oh, I also purchased some new editing tools from Kubota Imaging Tools. I've been playing around with it tonight and am SO excited about what I can do with my pictures now. Nothing drastic, but just small enhancements that totally make them come out the way I want. I'm still working on perfecting my style and I think these tools will aid me in that direction. At least a little bit!

I've also learned a few more things about my camera and I'm looking forward to trying out a few different techniques and settings during my photo shoots this week.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I like the "Re-Live the Dress"! What a great idea. Mind if I borrow the term? I have two more of these coming up. :)

    Have fun on all your shoots! Sounds like fun!


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