As you all know, I spent most of last week in Las Vegas. I'm still recuperating from that trip, both physically (sleep deprived!) and mentally (over stimulated by the sights and all the valuable information from the speakers and vendors.) Not only is Vegas a place to visit, but it's also quite the experience! I loved it so much. SO so much. I already told my husband he would be taking me back there in the near-ish future!

The city is amazing. Never have I seen such hugeness in such a condensed area. It seriously felt like the strip was a pop up city. When we flew in and our plane came through the clouds, all we saw were thousands upon thousands of little homes, and right smack dab in the middle of all those houses and flat land was this little blob of high rises. It was so strange!

Our hotel room faced the New York New York Hotel and it was an awesome view, right along the strip. As the sun set you could see the city transform into this amazing light show. Millions and billions of lights turned on and the city was illuminated by them and just by the energy that came from those walking along the sidewalks. I felt like I had to see it all but there was no way I possibly could. We tried to go out as often as we could, between speakers and perusing the trade show. I'm happy with the amount of stuff that we saw and did but there was still SO much that I didn't get a chance to see.

I'll write more about the details when I finish the rest of my pictures. But I have to say, the most amazing part of my trip was the Cirque du Soleil show that Frances and I watched. Remember my parents bought us tickets for Christmas? Well, best Christmas present ever! For most of the show we were sitting on the edge of our seats, jaws dropped, even a few tears shed on my part from the awe and wonder and gorgeousness of it all. What an amazing worship experience... to see art be created and unfold right before your eyes. I love how creative my Father is. Nothing moves me more than live theatre. It was unreal.

I learned so much at WPPI. I titled this post "Processing" because I seem to use that word every time I talk to someone about my experience and my time in Vegas. I went to maybe six different speakers and all them changed me in a different way. I learned so much about business and marketing and even some new techniques, but even more so, I learned things about myself. I can't say I was thrilled with everything that this brought up about me and how I'm running my business and life together. It's been a hard week in that sense. You'll notice I've been quite quiet as far as blogging and whatnot goes. I'm processing a lot. A LOT. This brain hasn't stopped turning since I got to Vegas and I don't anticipate it slowing down any time soon. But I'm so grateful for the areas in my life that God has pointed out to me that need some tweaking and re-prioritizing. I see some big changes coming for my business, but it'll be good. I'm excited about it. I'm excited to make this business my own and not compare it to other photographer's. I'm not them, and neither is my business or my life. I will defintiely write more about this as I reflect on it more and more, but for now you'll have to bare with me as I continue to process all this information.

Here are just a few photos that I edited yesterday from Vegas. Enjoy!

This is the view from my room just after sunset

New York New York in the day time

Frances (on the left) was my travel companion and roommate! Justine (right) was another friend/photographer who was at WPPI as well and we spent some time together doing photo shoots and hanging out!

Never a shortage of backdrops in Vegas for an impromtu photo shoot!

I love geometric shapes and lines.

A car that I assume is "hot" so I took a picture of it for my husband!

We wanted a picture of all three of us and this is the best we could do! I love it!


  1. Anonymous28.2.11

    this is an exciting time in your business.
    continue to pursue photography in the way that YOU love it because your love for it is unique from other's and produces amazing art.
    thank you for constantly being real. it is refreshing and inspiring!

  2. Thank you mystery commenter! =) Your words are encouraging and so what i needed to hear right now, thank you!

  3. Wow! What an experience! I can only imagine the processing that must be going on for you now. I am excited to see how your experience inspires you! I have come across a few other WWPI postings through other blogs that I follow. It sounds like it was full of inspirational teachers. Here is a link to some photos that I am sure will bring back good memories for you.


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