Feeling Summery

Looking at the stats for my blog, I sense I have a few readers who are into fashion. I've received many emails asking why I stopped documenting my 30 for 30 challenge and that they wanted to see more of my outfits. I'm not sure why, I still don't think my wardrobe is anything to be inspired by! BUT, since you asked, I decided I might start taking more pictures of my outifts, when I'm actually wearing something that I think is worth photographing. And you might completely disagree with my choice of photographical outfits, and that's fine! I don't claim to have any fashion sense what so ever! :)

Today I felt very summery. I just bought this new skirt from Old Navy the other day, along with the tank top, and thought today was a good day to wear them. As we got ready for church this morning the sun was shining through the windows, beckoning me to wear something fresh and summery. And so I did. Along with one of my favourite pairs of heels that I just bought in Australia. Love them. This is how the combo looked...

This is my husband taking pictures of me...

This afternoon looks like it will consist of a trip to the "swinging cool" (what my daughter calls the swimming pool), a cold beer on the deck, and more chapters of Velvet Elvis read. (And can I just say that I'm being blown away by this book? There will be many blogs coming with thoughts and revelations from this book. I have to read it again once I finish and actually journal my thoughts, because there are too many to keep track of! In the meantime, you should read the book so you'll know what I'm talking about! It's Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.)

Enjoy your sunny Sunday! Hopefully I'll be able to pop in a little more often this next week! We've got some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks that are taking up a lot of my time! Will write about those this week yet too!

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