The Three Hundredth

Post, that is. This, right here, what you are reading at this very moment, is my three-hundredth blog post since I started my photography journey a year and a half ago. Wow. SO much has happened and changed within these three hundred posts. Let's go back on a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

My very first blog post here.

My first practice run with my new camera here.

My first photo shoots with my sister. Bridal and Portrait.

My first family session here.

My first Trash the Dress session. Part One and Part Two.

My first couples session here.

My first newborn session here.

Girlie's first birthday here!

A bridesmaid photo shoot that brought so many new clients and friendships my way! Here.

Our accident in Tofino last July here.

One of my favourite sessions to date, and  the start of a great friendship! Here.

My first wedding (not my very own, by still my first experience with weddings!) Here.

The launch of my website and new branding! Here.

The day our lives changed forever when we found out about Cheyenne's life threatening nut allergy here.

My first engagement session here.

Our Five year wedding anniversary here.

The day I was asked to fly to Australia to photograph a wedding here.

Our first family photo shoot here.

Girlie's first Halloween here.

My first wedding here.

A personal post of the importance of taking time to be, here.

Booking a trip to Las Vegas for WPPI here.

My two hundredth blog post here.

My second wedding here.

Our Christmas story here.

Probably the most important, amazing, overwhelming blog post I've ever written. And moreso, experienced. The post that still has the most views than any other post I've ever written. The miracle. Here.

Buying a new lens! Here.

Attempting my 30-for-30 challenge, but only making it about 15 days or something! Here.

Having to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Meetzy, on account of Cheyenne's allergies here.

A short reflection on my time in Vegas here.

A huge revelation for me. Learning how to establish my business the way it works FOR ME, not for you. Here.

My first wedding blog feature! Here.

My first destination wedding in Australia (third wedding overall) here.

My fourth wedding here.

My fifth wedding here.

Wow, did that all just happen in a year and a half?? Crazy! And so good!

Today, for my three hundredth post, another feature! This time a preview of what you'll be seeing in the June issue of the Weddings in BC magazine!!!! Yes, Beth and Dan's wedding will be featured in a printed magazine this month. Whaaaaat??? That's unreal! That was my third wedding ever!! You can already read some of the details on their website by clicking this link.

So, basically, I'm floating on air right now. So excited about all the things that have happened for me over this last year and a half, excited about the things that are yet to come! Nine more weddings for 2011. Love it!


  1. Wow! So awesome! You've accomplished sooooo much! Glad to have seen it all unfold on this blog!

  2. Congratulations! That's wonderful! I can't wait to read your 600th post and so on... :)


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