Today I get to cross off on the the items on my Life's To-Do list. Have my photos printed in a magazine! After a slight delay at the printers, the June issue of Weddings in BC is finally available! It's free! And you can find it at so many different stores and venues in the lower mainland, and you can also sign up to have a copy mailed to your door every month, again for free! Here's a link to a few of the locations where you can pick up a copy.

Anyway, I stopped by the Sears at Guildford Mall today and grabbed a small stack of this issue for myself! And I can't tell you how excited I am to see my name and my photographs in this magazine! Wow! And not only that, three of my friends who are also photographers in the lower mainland are featured in this issue as well! Michelle Cervo, Jamie Delaine, and Simply Rose!

Here is a look at my first published wedding!

I also have a full page ad in this issue!


  1. Tressa Kutny14.6.11

    That is so exciting Vess!! I am so happy for you!

  2. so great Vanessa. Congratulations!


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