It's technically June 17 right now. Today, two years ago, at 8:11am, our baby girl was born. I just finished reading through my birth story and am so glad I documented that moment and experience. I just wanted to share one paragraph with you that brought tears to my eyes, again.

"As soon as she came out they put her right on my chest and covered her with a towel. I was crying and totally in disbelief that this baby just came out of me. James teared up, too, as we looked at our baby. Her eyes were wide open and she was so alert and did give us a cry so we knew she was ok. I took the towel off and turned her on her back and asked James what she was- boy or girl. He looked down and proudly said, “It’s a girl!” I was in shock. I honestly thought it would be a boy based on everyone’s predictions. I looked over at my mom and told her it was a girl, too. She was smiling so huge. James and I kissed and looked in awe at our daughter, what a blessing and miracle."

That was a truly unbelievable moment and I will never forget it. 

The balloons have been blown up. The cake is made and decorated. The goodie bags have been filled. Now we need to get some sleep and in a few hours we get to celebrate our little Girlie's second (technically third) birth day! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Cheyenne! I love birth stories. They always get me teary! ; )


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