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I was supposed to take Mike and Courtney's pictures last Wednesday, but Mother Nature had other plans. It was gorgeous all morning and by late afternoon there was a torrential downpour and major winds. Not ideal conditions for a natural light photographer! Luckily Mike and Courtney didn't take off for the long weekend so we were able to do the photo shoot Monday morning. That was a great day for pictures. Slightly overcast, not too cold, perfect.

Mike is my cousin and him and his wife, Courtney, are expecting their first baby in a couple weeks. I was glad to be able to do this shoot for them. The whole pregnancy/baby thing is so mind blowing to me. God is pretty amazing in how he created women's bodies and just the whole process of the whole thing. Incredible!

We started taking pictures at Holland Park in Surrey. I'd never actually walked around there until the night before the shoot and fell in love with the scenery. Lots of brick and concrete architecture that I thought were the perfect backdrop. After taking a few photos we headed toward the mall at Central City for a quick bathroom break and then off to take more pictures outside of Simon Fraser University. I got a couple pictures inside at this one concrete ramp that I thought looked cool, but then I saw a security guard beside us looking at us while talking on his walky-talky. I'm pretty sure he was calling for back up. ;) I knew taking pictures inside the mall was probably frowned upon (I just wanted a couple at that ramp!!!) so as soon as I had what I wanted we went outside. After a few minutes another security walked up to me and before he even started talking I said, "Let me guess, I can't take pictures?" Apparently they have very strict rules about taking pictures on the SFU campus. I could stand across the street and take pictures but I can't actually be on the property and take pictures, even outside. Weird. Oh well. We got a few great shots and moved on. Back to Holland Park then! I didn't mind, that little bit of park is gorgeous. Too bad it wasn't bigger or had more trees surrounding it so you didn't have to deal with cars and Winners in the background!

Wow. That was a long blurb about one photo shoot! It was eventful, what can I say? Oh, and an old man with long gray hair riding his bicycle felt the need to tell me I was hot. Surrey. Enough said.

Anyway, here are my favourites from Monday! I hope you guys like them!

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