Fun Facts About Me!

I'm no pro blogger. I have a blog for my daughter but I just use it to write down everything I want to remember about my daughter and what she's doing and how she's growing and anything I want to highlight about her life. It's just a private blog for family and friends so I've never put much effort into really "blogging" it the way pro-bloggers do!

So, in an attempt to blog more posts between photo shoots I'm going to start with revealing a bit about myself! Today's topic is:

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I don't like chicken. I might be the only person in the world who doesn't like chicken. But it's true.
2. My husband was my first kiss!
3. My right food is maybe half a size bigger than my left.
4. I gave birth to my daughter at home. It was planned.
5. I went skydiving in New Zealand while I was attending Bible School down there.
6. I rarely, if ever, buy anything at full price. I'm a bargain shopper!
7. I drove into a garbage can and a flower bed with a golf cart when I was younger. My dad let me drive him around. Maybe he regretted this decision after those incidences? haha.
8. I might have a small crush on Mr. Darcy (Colin Firthe) in Pride and Prejudice. =)
9. Nicholas Sparks is my favourite author.
10. My favourite Starbucks beverage is a Caramel Macchiato with 1" foam.

There you go. Maybe you learned something new about me today that you didn't know before! Or I just wasted 5 minutes of your Saturday. If the latter is true, I'm sorry!

Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend! I have 2 photo shoots coming up tomorrow and Monday and can't wait!


  1. I did not know 5,7,8 or 10. Good idea doing the 10 things people might not know about you!

  2. Somehow i missed this comment! Oops. I'll try to keep doing more "10 things" posts!


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