My 1st Mother's Day!

Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother's Day! Last year for Mother's Day I was 8 months pregnant. My Facebook status summed it up nicely... "A year ago today I was waddling around with a big belly... today my Girlie is waddling around with a big belly!"

What was my first Mother's Day like, you may be asking. Well, it started with Cheyenne walking toward me with a little gift bag in her hand. That made the tears start welling up. Inside the bag was a card from her saying "I love you", and a framed picture of her and I. We don't have many pictures together since I'm always the one behind the camera!

Anyway, after that we all went to church and then came home for nap time. In the afternoon we headed to my parents place with my sister and her husband, too, and went out for a fabulous dinner.

It was a great day! I asked my husband to do a mini photo shoot of Cheyenne and I. Here's my Girlie and I on Mother's Day 2010!!


  1. So cute! Glad your Mother's Day was great!

  2. Gloria Ekkert11.5.10

    hahha awww saaaadddd faceess =( fav.


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